Our Approach

About ADA Assessments, Inc

ADA Assessments, Inc was created to help business owners navigate the complexities of ADA compliance. With over 14 years of experience in providing ADA assessments and accessibility consulting services, Lee Swinscoe has seen the frustration first hand on the faces of countless clients wondering how they could be facing an ADA lawsuit. Knowledge of the ADA requirements is the key component to protecting your business interests. The 14 years of providing plans reviews, ADA site assessments, complaint responses, expert witness services and accessibility training has provided ADA Assessments with a comprehensive understanding of the ADA to provide our clients with the knowledge they need!

Our Story

About Lee Swinscoe

President of ADA Assessments, Inc., Accessibility Specialist Lee Swinscoe holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Architecture from the University of Maryland (U of MD).  Working for Universal Designers and Consultants since 2004 allowed Swinscoe to gain the knowledge required to establish ADA Assessments, Inc in 2018. With 14 years of experience exclusively providing accessibility consulting services with UD&C, including Expert Witness, Site Accessibility Assessments and Design Document Reviews has allowed Lee Swinscoe to seamlessly transition to continuing those services through ADA Assessments, Inc.

Swinscoe has worked on a wide variety of projects, including those in the lodging, retail, banking and education arenas. As a project manager he has been responsible for the coordination of multi-unit survey programs with the largest being 1600 surveys conducted over a period of 17 months with properties located throughout the United States. Swinscoe has worked both as a member of a team and as a team leader coordinating day to day logistics of projects and overseeing multiple personnel in the team.

As an ADA trainer, Swinscoe has developed specialized technical training programs and materials for accessibility surveys.  He has used those materials to train and manage teams of surveyors to conduct consistent and dependable surveys of large numbers of facilities in relatively short periods of times.